Thursday, July 15, 2010



Dear readers,

I would like to apologize for not updating my blog recently. I have neither excuse nor reason for that.

In fact, there were my things happened that I thought too personal to be shared here. So, I reserved them in my private blog only.

For now, I am 7+ months of pregnancy. My first son, Izz just celebrated his 2nd birthday last month. He keeps improving his social, learning and communication skill. He loves to read "Al-Matein" - a book on learning Al Quran. He enjoys asking this and that. He uses to spend time with his flashcards. On top of all these, he enjoys swimming very much. Izz, semoga jadi anak yang soleh ye... :)

I started to live in a hectic yet meaningful life as a continuous knowledge seeker. Many people keep asking me when I'll finish study. There is only one answer... I WILL FINISH it. That's it. So, just wait for it and I would never disappoint anyone. Just believe in me. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get the dean list last semester.

My life as a career woman goes up and down. I feel cherish when my students performed and down when they did not. I feel ok when I could complete my task excellently and sad when it turned up differrently. For Allah I keep praying to guide, assist and empower my soul and mind to the path of success here and Hereafter.

I am thankful to Him for having such a supportive and understanding soul partner. With whom I could calmly and confidently move on and struggling for the best.

Oohh.. I got to go now.

Thank you.

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