Friday, February 18, 2011


Suddenly, I feel deeply indebted to all my teachers (formal as well as informal) and lecturers whom used to and keep grooming me with patience and smile.

Teacher's Day is still far away, but waiting for the moment is neither could ease how I feel right now nor help me to stop thinking about you all. This feeling is a great, sincere gift from Him.

To them...

I humbly expressed heartiest THANKS and may Allah bless you all.

informal knowledge discussion and circles
- especially where currently I am devoting myself for knowledge -

Thursday, February 10, 2011


On 15 - 16 January 2011, we had two days event on SMART Retreat in PD (I owe an entry on this beneficial prog!). Definitely, I met few of my long-time no see friends who are currently doing their PhD. Most of them said..."Sa'diah you look skinner!". "Really?" I told myself perhaps that is true.

Few weeks before, I attempted to put on my old white-black sandal for outing. Surprisingly, they are already loose for me to walk comfortably. What this suppose to mean?

Few of my blouses and trousers now need to be adjusted. Just because they are all loose already! Unbelieveable? OOhhh..

Yesterday, I got off my car slowly and picked by bags (yeah... i keep bring at least two bags to my office hehe... itu tak masuk breast pump and cooler bags lagi cam dulu2..). I locked the car and greet my long-time no see officemate. Surprisingly, my friend said.. "You look bigger now!" waahh.. I just cant believe this!

Haha... am i putting on my weight??? Hopefully not!