Friday, September 25, 2009


My W*X is my FIRST car. It was a very nice car with a good interior and exterior condition. I used to hang my lovely, scented lace pot pourri inside the car. It smelled so good. I like it soooo much. During that time, the radio still functioning, and I used to listen to my favourite songs and lectures. The car contributes too much to me, it was from my Aki. I love my W*X so much.

After four years, my W*X looks so bad. The paint is no longer shining, the plat number had dropped, the cushion had worn to shreds, the radio had wrecked, the air conditioner is not working anymore, the third brake lamp is broken down and the meter at the dashboard is also need to be repaired. To make thing worse, there are tooo many unnecessary things being dumped into the car. It looks like a running garbage… believe me!

I am asking myself, is this car no longer important or what? It is ok for me not to drive a luxurius car to the office, but I have such feeling to drive an acceptable looking car to my office. At least, like the one I used to drive four years ago!!!