Sunday, May 3, 2009


It was already one week after the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2009 ended since I only managed to post this entry.
Time runs so fast. Believe it or not, there are two books which we bought during the book fair still remained unwrapped, ma syaAllah.

This year we went there twice. Both of them on weekend. So, you could imagine how crowded and hectic the situation was especially in musolla during prayer time. Of course, I wish that the problem should be tackled and solved soon.
Alhamdulillah, despite of those challenges, we managed to buy the books which we wish to have at discount price. Definitely, this time our allocation increased steadily due to the 'investment' for our lil prince, Izzuddeen el Hakeem.

My hubby bought three books on real estate planning and a home decor magazine (ohh.. is this for our new house?)

Me myself got one motivational book, a simplified fiqh book on solat (I realized that I must improve the quality of my solat), a parenting book on how to nurture soleh children and a new keychain for my car's key.
In addition to this, I received three complimentary copies of economic reference books. One in Bahasa and the other two in English. In fact, I used to receive such copies since three years back from different suppliers. So, I already have a volume of them in my office room, alhamdulillah. This year, I should thank to ISE (International Student Edition) for these copies.

For Izzuddeen, we bought him Ben & Bella. Based on our survey (actually since last year's book fair), we believe that this product is properly and systematically designed to be a tool in sparking his interest and motivation to explore his early educational world (I welcome those parents who have experience using the same product or any learning system like Grollier, Noddy and so on). He also got a CD on quranic recitation. Ohh.. he enjoys listening to it each time he got into the car :).

Happy reading!


  1. salam. :) izz dah besar dah :) selamat membaca ye

  2. bestnye...kak zid dah dtg jenguk blog acu. Khadijah pun tentu dah besar kan?
    Tq akak :)